Do you have facilities for a ceremony?2023-06-30T00:08:36+00:00

We have a Terraced Amphitheater and Gazebo just a short stroll from the bridal suite and Grand Summit Room.

How many people will your Gazebo and Amphitheater hold?2023-06-30T00:08:56+00:00

Seated up to 250 guests.

How many guests does your Grand Summit Room accommodate?2023-06-30T00:09:16+00:00

The Grand Summit Room combined with the Queen’s Room seats up to 250 guests.

What is the cost of a wedding ceremony?2023-06-30T00:09:50+00:00

To reserve the Gazebo at Vista Park concurrently with your reception there is a non-refundable park rental fee of $850.00 plus a refundable $150 damage deposit required. In addition, there is a wedding ceremony fee of $950.00 for Fridays and Sundays, $1350.00 for Saturdays and December dates.

This reception fee includes coordination of the wedding rehearsal and the ceremony, white wooden padded rental chairs, and post ceremony cleanup.

Can I bring in my own Caterer?2023-06-30T00:10:16+00:00

The Summit House provides the food and beverage catering. Unless included in your reception package, you will provide your decorated wedding cake and favors.

What is the size of your dance floor?2023-06-30T00:12:13+00:00

There is no size or placement limitation as the flooring of our entire Grand Summit Room is European oak.

Do you provide bar service?2023-06-30T00:13:07+00:00

We offer hosted bar service and cash bar service, or a combination of both, which ever you prefer.

There is a $500.00 bar sales minimum for each bar set up.

Can we bring in our own wine?2023-06-30T00:13:27+00:00

Yes, our corkage fee is $35.00 per 750 ml bottle.

What will it cost to have a wedding reception at the Summit House?2023-06-30T00:15:22+00:00

Your cost per person will be the combined price of your choice of a wedding package plus bottled wine (if not included in your package), beverages, any additional rentals or services, room fees if applicable, 22% service charge, and applicable sales tax. A refundable $500.00 facility damage deposit will be included in the final balance.

You will also contract your own florist, DJ and/or entertainment, photographer, and wedding cake (if not included in your wedding package).

Do have a referral list of outside vendors?2023-06-30T00:15:38+00:00

Yes, we do.

Do you have all-inclusive pricing packages?2023-06-30T00:16:03+00:00

Yes, in fact we have our new “Everything but the Ring” inclusive pricing for your ceremony and reception.

How many hours do I have for my wedding?2023-06-30T00:16:23+00:00

Six hours for your ceremony and reception (five hours for a reception only). You may also use the Bridal Suite up to five hours prior to your ceremony.

Do you have minimums for weekend wedding receptions?2023-06-30T00:17:04+00:00

Yes, the combined food, beverage, and reception package minimums are as follows:
▪ Friday- $8,750.00
▪ Sunday- $9,750.00
▪ Saturday- $17,500.00

Minimums do not include service charge, sales tax, cash bars, rentals, room fees, ceremony fees, or park rental fees.

Are there room fees charged for a wedding reception?2023-06-30T00:17:57+00:00

A room fee of $2,500.00 will be added for all events scheduled in the Grand Summit Room on Saturdays and on December weekend dates. Additional fees may apply for the use of additional rooms.

How can I make a reservation for my wedding?2023-06-30T00:18:27+00:00

A signed Summit House event contract and initial deposits are required to secure a date for your event: $5,000 for reception only, $5,850 for a reception with a ceremony.

What happens if I need to cancel my event?2023-06-30T00:18:52+00:00

In the event of a cancellation by the client deposits are non-refundable.